Work History

I've worked on various web features throughout the years, mostly internal items while working at Blizzard Entertainment. Learning to code for the web on platforms such as MediaWiki, SharePoint, and Drupal, I began to specialize in working with systems with limited control over the structure of the page. While I've done various full-stack web development, my heart lies in CSS and wrestling the web to do what you and your designers had in mind.

My playground is Reddit, where subreddit creators can control the appearance of their subreddit, but have no ability to script or create complex HTML content. With clever solutions and a firm grasp of CSS, I've helped various subreddit creators and moderators get their site looking exactly as they want. You can find me on the /r/csshelp subreddit, helping others with their work, and on my own subreddit, /r/Overwatch.

Full Time Work

  • cPanel, Inc.

    As Community Manager at cPanel, Inc., I was the public face of our Product Development team and our core engineering efforts. I worked closely with developers to help ensure two-way communication and feedback between our team and our users. I identified common contact generators, legitimate pain points for users, and opportunities for new features and requests.

    In 2017, cPanel rebooted its yearly conference, built it entirely from scratch, and more than doubled registration, overturning a yearly trend. As Community Manaer, I designed and built our conference website, integrated our registration system, and deployed our mobile application.

    With a wide breadth of responsibilities, I focused on better connecting our users with our developers, and our developers with senior leadership and the community-at-large. I started a monthly newsletter for keeping up with our product Scrum teams, held 1-on-1 feedback session with employees, and integrated analytical data with our existing feedback collection systems.

  • PerSys Medical

    As Business Technology Manager at PerSys Medical, I was responsible for all information technology and systems administration. My work also branched out to digital marketing, with a personal responsibility on mantaining our web presence.

    Since coming on board, I migrated our email systems to a Microsft Exchange platform, deployed Google Apps for Work for real-time global collaboration, and introduced video conferencing systems to unite our three regional headquarters.

    I performed a complete redesign and rebuild of our corporate website, and helped launch the NIO, the new best-in-class intraosseous device. All of our work centered around a complete rebranding of our business under the PerSys Medical banner, with a unified brand strategy and brand guidelines.

  • Blizzard Entertainment

  • As an Internal Information Specialist at Blizzard Entertainment, I had a broad range of duties and responsibilities within the Customer Service department. With an evolving role within Customer Service, my team was the center of knowledge management and policy guidelines for the United States, with global teams following in suit.

    Starting as a Game Master, I shortly moved to assist with any gameplay reports submitted by players to our customer service team. As our team's responsibilities evolved and grew, I become the focal point for customer service generated reports and become a liaison for any intersection between development and customer service issues.

    With an ever-growing user-base and additional titles that fell under our team's responsibility, I helped deploy multiple learning solutions and content management systems for our customer service agents. Our team migrated from wiki, to SharePoint, Drupal, and other proprietary systems. As our focus moved towards helping educate on self-service solutions and contact prevention, I worked on our knowledge center and social media sites, posting content as needed and representing customer service as a "blue poster".

    I was fortunate to have the opportunity to assist our Web Team during BlizzCon preparations, earning a temporary assignment in Irvine, California. I served as producer on several projects including the reveal website for Mists of Pandaria, the newest expansion for World of Warcraft.

Hobby Design

  • /r/Overwatch

    The Overwatch subreddit on is a community forum for discussion about Overwatch, the latest online title from Blizzard Entertainment. With over 1,100,000 subscribers and 100 million monthly pageviews, it is the undisputed #1 active community for the game, and one of the largest gaming communities on the internet. I was selected to design and manage the subreddit's appearance and technical functionality, and help manage ongoing efforts such as esports coverage, press events, policy review, and day-to-day moderation as needed.


For a formal resume, please contact me directly or see my LinkedIn Profile.