Portfolio Sample

See a sample of my design work. For mock up requests or design documents, please contact me.


I was brought on by the /r/Overwatch subreddit team to assist in developing a new theme in preparation for the game's beta and eventual release. Developing for Reddit is unique in that there is no access to source code outside of a stylesheet. All HTML is created through what Markdown allows, which is limited to things such as paragraphs, bolding, italics, quotes, etc.

With pure CSS, I was able to add interactive panels for game information, a semi-responsive layout, animated images, 3d effects, and more.


PerSys Medical

For 2015, the PerSys Medical Group was looking to move away from an online retail storefront and focus on its position as a world-class manufacturer of medical devices. I was tasked with designing and creating a mobile-ready website that would focus on the technology and design of our products.

With the launch of our new automatic intraosseous device, the NIO, PerSys Medical required a website to show off the product, its innovative features, and provide case studies regarding its use.


Blizzard Entertainment

The Blizzard Entertainment customer service team wanted to make a stronger push to social media, including the launch of its own Facebook page. To pair with this launch, I created several Facebook Apps that promoted the self-service options and contact methods for customers.

I also created a Hearthstone Beta promotion, leveraging the popularity of our recently announced game to increase our user-base. While we didn't end up using a full-fledged application, the promotion was a huge success, and boosted our Like count to over 50,000 people.